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Aged Care, Nursing Homes, Retirement Villages   - Details
The Kennedy Health Care Group is an approved provider of aged care. We are based in Sydney and currently have 9 locations across the Metropolitan. We own and operate residential aged care facilities as well as 2 retirement villages. Each of our sites is fully accredited by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency and certified by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.

Helping children with adhd @ The Handheld Labyrinth   - Details
Children diagnosed with ADHD - attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder should use Handheld Labyrinth as a meditation Technique. It helps children to calm down and relax. Labyrinth has proved to be very successful with Children having such disorders, they love to run and play on a labyrinth, while adults might prefer a quieter more contemplative walk.

Natural health   - Details
Baseline of Health Foundation is a worldwide leader for free natural health information and news. Download alternative health programs for anti-aging, heart health, diabetes, and more.

Green Supplements and Health Supplements   - Details
Mission is to bring the collected knowledge of plant and herb properties and their combination, together to produce intelligent effective products that help promote optimal health and improve daily life. We procure to have the best quality herbs and materials (focusing on maximum bio-availability) and combine the latest technology, in our organics supplements, diet vitamins, energy boost products, hunger suppressant, and mood enhancer products.

Sleep apnea treatment   - Details
Respiratory Homecare Solutions is a renowned sleep apnea clinic in Edmonton, serving cities across Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. Contact us for cpap mask or sleep apnea treatment and remedies.

Marijuana blood test   - Details
Marijuana Blood Test offers insight on all aspects of marijuana detoxification, including advice on flushing toxins from your system in order to effectively pass a blood test. Detoxifying your body doesn’t have to be so intimidating.  With our resources, you’ll have the best odds at getting clean and passing any test. Educate yourself at Marijuana Blood Test and turn that stress into success!

Gcp Clinical Trials   - Details
GCP Help Desk is a reference guide which includes the recent developments and changes in good clinical practices guidelines, as well as the essential regulations. The help desk provides information about good clinical practice (GCP) legislations, regulations and guidelines to all the professionals involved in clinical trial or trial related activities.

Ovulation Kit   - Details
The Ovulation Kit detects the LH surge which happens in the middle of your menstrual cycle, about 1 -1.5 days before ovulation.

Podiatry Arena   - Details
Podiatry is that profession that deals with foot and lower limb problems and Podiatry Arena is a forum for a discussion between podiatrists.

Dallas Dermatologist   - Details
Dermatology office in Garland and Dallas. We specialize in Medical and Surgical Dermatology, Dermatologist Garland, Dallas Dermatologist, Dallas Dermatology, Rockwall Dermatology, Forney Dermatologist, Rowlett Dermatology, Garland Dermatology, Heath Dermatologist, Mesquite Dermatology and other skin diseases.

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